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*opens weeks-old pesto jar* is this pesto? or pesto-coloured mould?
*cycling* aww a cute snail in the middle of the pavement! oh, it's a leaf
*ends every group coursework message with a passive-aggressive smiley to conceal murderous intent*
*conceal don't feel*

Almost finished White Teeth. It's definitely readable but I don't feel it's going to make a huge impression on me. I suppose it's good to read something different though, something about people whose lives and circumstances are so different to mine, within the same country.


Favourite Sci-Fi

Shelley: Frankenstein
Orwell: 1984
Adams: H2G2
Wells: Time Machine, Invisible Man
Asimov: I, Robot
Banks: Player of Games
Card: Ender's Game
Stross: Saturn's Children, Neptune's Brood
Bacigalupi: Windup Girl

Ex Machina
Edge of Tomorrow

Orphan Black
Doctor Who


Windup Girl

It's a bit of a brick and I was about halfway before I really got my head around who's who in the various factions in the universe - Akkarat, Pracha, white shirts, Trade, Environment - but I was gradually sucked deeper and deeper into Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl. This is not a happy or optimistic read. Brutality, corruption, screaming injustice. "Tit for tat until we're all dead."

Windup Girl and Girl With All the Gifts spoilersCollapse )


Episode 7

Episode 6

Episode 5


Rudy: we had a purpose, just like you
Helena: no, you are rapist

We were on a coach and I was half-listening to a conversation my friend was having behind me and I think it was about uni and things that had happened to someone she knew, and I heard the line "well it depends on what your definition of rape is". Well if it wasn't rape it was probably sexual assault which is also disgusting, selfish, cruel. I don't know from hearsay or experience but sometimes I feel people can think themselves into believing that no, I'm/he's not a rapist, it wasn't rape, we were drunk or we were in a club and I wouldn't really mean to ever hurt anyone and it's acceptable to act like that in these circumstances, right?

Maybe it's simplistic and naive but I love how Helena boils it down. Rape is rape, your purpose is irrelevant, and you're a repulsive piece of shit. Murder can be in self-defence and can be morally justified sometimes. Torture I'm not sure, but you could argue that if it yields life-saving information, it's justifiable too. But rape? I can't think of any circumstance in which it can come close to being justified.

I (Don't) Want a Cat

A couple of times now I've been seized with the desire to own a cat. For hanging out with, talking to, cuddling with.

But what if it gets ill, fleas, pregnant, poops and moults everywhere?

So I want a cat but without the responsibility. I basically want someone else to have a cat but for the cat to be my friend.

But then I remember that cats hate me.

So much for that.