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I (Don't) Want a Cat

A couple of times now I've been seized with the desire to own a cat. For hanging out with, talking to, cuddling with.

But what if it gets ill, fleas, pregnant, poops and moults everywhere?

So I want a cat but without the responsibility. I basically want someone else to have a cat but for the cat to be my friend.

But then I remember that cats hate me.

So much for that.

Cool Swag

Cool swag which I fancy but don't have seeerious intentions of purchasing which would usually go onto my fashion blog but I don't run it any more and don't reeeally feel like going back to at the moment:

gold tooth necklace: eBay [image]

ear cuff: Etsy

Clow Book wallet: Taobao

book clutch: p.s. Besitos

cape dress: Asos

skull DNA scarf: Hot Topic (curse their shipping fees)

cardiac cushions: Anatomy Boutique

Yet to find a pretty hardback of Frankenstein.

Non-exhaustive list of cool swag I actually already own, courtesy of parents and friends, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me:
Totoro money jar
TARDIS money box
Totoro pencil case
Pikachu bag
violin bag (which I haven't used in a while. I should fix this)
resin skull
tooth necklace
Triforce necklace
Evenstar necklace
One Rings
Sherlock cushions
dihydrogen monoxide containment unit
state alchemist pocket watch (which lives in the drawer when it really should be on display)
nice watch
nice glasses
nice family


Circle of Willis

I just love it when anatomy things have names that actually kind of make sense when I actually look at where they are and what they're doing, instead of just blindly labelling diagrams to avoid the wrath of anatomy demonstrators who never even check the booklets. I think I've kind of made sense of Circle of Willis, which used to really scare me. I've done a few hours of work today but not sure if I've actually learnt anything - just been 'making sense' of things. Ha.

Cycled to the food market and got some red cheddar, cauliflower and strawbs for £2. Bought some lip stain thing and very expensive liquid eyeliner from Superdrug, with a student discount that saved me 80p - rejoice. I tried out the plum eyeliner I got the other day from indoor market for £1.50 and I really like it.



I roasted the cauliflower, and its leaves. The leaves were crispy and I put too much salt on them and the stems were way too chewy but if I had the entire leaves instead of just the proximal parts it would have been awesome. It was a fun experiment. I don't have plain flour so I used white pasta sauce with the rest of the cauliflower, and cheese. I just finished off the leftovers now, and now I'm stuffing my face with raspberries.

Earlier this afternoon I had the last free freshers' Yorkshire teabag, and afterwards I was shaking and feeling ridiculously warm? I was trying to write about NAd production in sympathetic varicosities and I was writing ridiculously fast and it was a bit weird. Caffeine has never had any noticable effect on me. Maybe I just didn't notice until now.

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This is Definitely Poetry

The Perils of Eating An Orange
a poem composed by Yours Truly

Here I record the perils of
consuming an orange,
some of which are More Problematic than others:
    spraying everything within a metre radius with a fine spray of fragrant citrus
    separating the white pith from the flesh
    squelching noises on mastication
    littering the place with peel and pith and seeds
    getting both hands sticky with juice.
Thus I conclude that orange-eating
is a perilous activity indeed.


Interstellar Economics

I'm trying to get over my fear of cycling. I cycled to the cake library (not much of a voyage, but baby steps) in the hope of finding Stross and Rothfuss and I couldn't find the latter so reserved it (apparently it's free) and I'm already about halfway through the Stross? Saturn's Children I think was the first modern sci-fi I picked up off the shelves of the library at home and while it was pretty sexually graphic I actually really enjoyed the universe and the story, and Stross is really funny. I feel like I don't quite understand it but the detail and the differences and the sheer imagination that created this world are really amazing. Neptune's Brood is set in the same universe so there's an element of familiarity, though the plot is about economics, banking, debt, insurance, everything I have absolutely no understanding of! Without previous experience of Stross I might have found it difficult but I'm really absorbed in it and am googling things as I go along. I love being this immersed in a novel.


Miss Saigon

I've done something like 3 hours of endocrine this morning? Definitely a record.

Yesterday went with the Mum to see Miss Saigon. The bamboo flute was sublime. Kim's voice was fine and pure and in her solos, powerful, but I think Chris was too loud over her in some of their duets. Never knew there were so many Asian people in theatre. I cried so much. The ending was so abrupt, the orchestra played some upbeat stuff after the applause to cheer us up or something, which was funny, partly because it didn't work. I can definitely tell it's written by the Les Mis bunch - unforgivingly tragic but including comic relief survival-is-everything characters. I didn't know anything about Vietnam War before watching this - didn't even know 'til the night before that Saigon was the name of a city - so I feel like I learnt a little history from this too.

Things people said

T: D'you want any sandwich with that lettuce
C: I bring everyone's dreams true
A: went from yellow to red faster than a traffic light
E: what would you do if a bird flew in and ate your cake



Today IIIIII did the hoovering, received my mousemat featuring a picture of Elsa looking highly distressed as per usual, danced about the room in a swimsuit, and watched Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was watchable but seems to have made little impression on me, certainly less than Hunchback which I caught on TV yesterday. When will people learn, once you knock out a bad guy and he falls to the ground and you have successfully nicked his gun, hurry up and shoot him in the head so he can't get up unexpectedly and clobber you!?!

I haven't been getting to sleep very easily these days because I keep thinking about uni. I was so ready for it and now I feel really not ready at all.

I swapped out Alakazam for Dragonair and have kept Gengar because I am willing to make sacrifices in order to have cool-looking funky-but-sometimes-impractical Pokemon. I toyed with the idea of swapping Gengar for Jynx (ice/psychic, come on!!) and sweating it out in the casino to buy TMs of shadow ball, psychic and ice beam. It would have been pretty awesome since there'd be STAB for both ice beam (dragon killer) and psychic (everything killer), but 1. it would have taken ages levelling her up, 2. I would have had to spend hours in the casino to get all those TMs, and 3. Gengar is prettier. I just started on Victory Road and it is as horrible as I remembered it. I'm equal level to the wild Pokemon and trainers in there, and get through battles with my team half-decimated and then I have to run back to heal up and on my return all the switches have reset and it's just a massive pain. My entire team need about another 10 levels 'til we're ready for 13374.