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Today IIIIII did the hoovering, received my mousemat featuring a picture of Elsa looking highly distressed as per usual, danced about the room in a swimsuit, and watched Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was watchable but seems to have made little impression on me, certainly less than Hunchback which I caught on TV yesterday. When will people learn, once you knock out a bad guy and he falls to the ground and you have successfully nicked his gun, hurry up and shoot him in the head so he can't get up unexpectedly and clobber you!?!

I haven't been getting to sleep very easily these days because I keep thinking about uni. I was so ready for it and now I feel really not ready at all.

I swapped out Alakazam for Dragonair and have kept Gengar because I am willing to make sacrifices in order to have cool-looking funky-but-sometimes-impractical Pokemon. I toyed with the idea of swapping Gengar for Jynx (ice/psychic, come on!!) and sweating it out in the casino to buy TMs of shadow ball, psychic and ice beam. It would have been pretty awesome since there'd be STAB for both ice beam (dragon killer) and psychic (everything killer), but 1. it would have taken ages levelling her up, 2. I would have had to spend hours in the casino to get all those TMs, and 3. Gengar is prettier. I just started on Victory Road and it is as horrible as I remembered it. I'm equal level to the wild Pokemon and trainers in there, and get through battles with my team half-decimated and then I have to run back to heal up and on my return all the switches have reset and it's just a massive pain. My entire team need about another 10 levels 'til we're ready for 13374.

Kanto Adventures

The GBA link cable Mir got me arrived this morning and I screamed. Using the Leaf Green Ginge lent me I finally got my Gengar, Golem and Alakazam I AM SO HAPPY my Kanto Adventures CAN CONTINUE I have waited SO LONG FOR THIS. I think I will rename Gengar into Ginger in honour of Ginge, and because Cel is good at messing vowels up.

My team is now:

I kind of want a Dratini but don't really know which Pokemon to switch out. And when I planned out my team I was trying to break away from my default team which always includes water, fire, psychic and dragon, which is why I've gone with a more exotic ghost type. Didn't succeed at not having a psychic but psychic is really useful in Leaf Green as there are almost no dark types.



Last night running up a deserted field with Mum singing LOT ET GOOO LUT OT GOOOO CON'T HULD IT BEK ENYMURRRRRRR

Umm. I feel like at some point I had lots of things to say but I can't remember.



I worked out how to get Anna with Kristoff. Instead of trying to invite him out, which never works because he's always at work, just visit him at the shop while he's working!! *I am a genius* I also worked out how to make Sims get into official relationships. So now Jelsa and Kristanna are official. After Kristanna became BF/GF, there was some making out on a bench. I found out one of Kristoff's traits is 'good kisser'. I looked away while they were at it but from what I saw, there was quite a lot of tongue from Kristoff. Eww. EwewwewwewwweewwEWWW. I also fixed some of Anna and Elsa's outfits.

I got Anna and Elsa chatting just a little bit, so their relationship bar is only 80% maxed out to the left instead of 100%. Then a party happened and I was presented with the perfect set-up for a little sisterly sabotage: Anna, Elsa, Jack and Tooth all in one place. Anna used her feminine wiles (a.k.a. showing off her mastery of tact and grace??) to persuade Jack to kiss Tooth right in front of Elsa's face. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Understandably, Elsa got mad. I got some pretty funny pictures of her yelling at Jack and Jack looking dejected. But then they kissed and made up and EVERYTHING WAS FINE AGAIN. Anna, try harder next time!

After Jack left, Elsa did some revenge-flirting with none other than Hans of the Southern Isles. (I know revenge was on her mind because a thought bubble with a dagger in it appeared just before she spoke badly of Jack.) There was a lot of flirtatious jokes told, kisses blown, cheeks stroked, and, well, snogging. Muahahahahahahaah


What For

Crap went down in Sims yesterday. I finished off making Elsa and Tooth friends, and then I changed active household to Tooth. Got her a job in the criminal career, swiped a pot of flowers from a neighbour, made some friends. Her energy bar wasn't depleting and I wondered whether fairies don't sleep or something, so I googled it and found it was a glitch so I reset her and then she was better. I somehow managed to get her up to level 8 charisma in the few hours of playing her, by introducing her to absolutely everyone, and sucking up to her boss, and conniving with her co-workers (one of whom is Wreck-It Ralph who she's best friends with now.) Being a workaholic she soared through the ranks.

Cutting to the chase, Jack turned out to be super easy to seduce. On a date Tooth was just about to move in for a snog and then he left to go to bed. Lucky escape. But she caught him at the gym to finish the job. Slight complication - Elsa is just nearby and I know Jack and Elsa are romantic interests and I'd rather not sabotage Tooth and Elsa's relationship. And then this is where the crap comes in: I get a notification telling me that Tooth has found out that Jack is in a relationship... with Anna. ... Wait, WHAT. Funnily enough this doesn't get in the way of any of Tooth's advances, so I leave Tooth with reasonably high athletic and charisma, and well on her way to becoming Master Thief of Teeth.

Back to Elsa and Anna. Now, when I left Anna, she was maxed out bezzies with Jack. All very platonic. But now their relationship bar is only two thirds full, and 'best friend' has been replaced with 'boyfriend'. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Elsa is still maxed out romantic interest with Jack, same as before. I would never have thought Anna to be one to swoop in and sabotage my OTPs. (Well. 2 OTPs.) Having learnt how to do well with charisma with Tooth, I level up Elsa and Anna's charisma higher, so Anna can use smooth recovery whenever she's being awkward. (Also I noticed I changed from past to present tense. Gonna run with it.)

It's at a house party Jack throws when things get messy. While Anna's making friends with some random werewolf, Elsa's cornered Jack into the bathroom (romantic I know), and Jack, being the arsehole he is, is totally fine with making out with his girlfriend's irresistable big sister. I need to get rid of this relationship. I look through Anna's interactions, looking for a 'break up' option, but no luck. (I tried. I tried.) But I find that Elsa can ask Jack to break up with Anna. He obliges.

This leaves Anna with just a few negative moodlets. "Lost a friend", "enemy!" and "betrayed". The "betrayed" is -50 for 3 days, which is ridiculous. Who is this enemy? None other than her dear sister. Their maxed out bezzie sister relationship has reversed to maxed out enemies. I can actually hear "Life's Too Short" playing in my head, but this time it's over a boy. Chaos ensues.


Isn't it

Yesterday just after dinner.
Me, walking past: yo
Dad: isn't it
Me: what
Dad: isn't it??
Me: ... I think you mean "innit"

Memorising essay plans is such a pain. If I get a question on Lear, the evil sisters, Edmund or the sub-plot, I will probably write a fabulous essay. But if it's on the Fool? Mneeeh it will be short. Cordelia? Nope. Edgar? Nope. Albany or Cornwall? Who are these people. And theme questions, like blindness, justice, chaos? Ahahahahahahah NOPE.

Err I feel like I had loads more to write about but I can't remember. Hmm.


French boarding school

It's so depressing doing and marking the bigger chem paper, but such a relief to see that I can lose 30 marks and still safely(ish) get an A. Pheeew.

I had this dream way at the beginning of this week but kept forgetting to write it up. I attended a girls' boarding school in France (though throughout the dream I had boy classmates too, what) and the headmaster was none other than North. I think it was some kind of magic school, too, like Hogwarts or Beauxbatons. While on a school trip a thunderstorm started so we all scrambled to get back to the castle. I was trying hard to fly low and avoid trees. It was quite scary actually, because things were getting zapped all around me. In the panic I got separated from the others, and I found myself in a nearby city, completely lost. I didn't recognise any of the places on the street signs so I stopped at a busy T-junction to ask the pedestrians. When I tried to speak to people, they ignored me and walked away, apart from an old man sitting on a concrete block. My standard of French in the dream was even worse than in real life, and I could only manage to ask 'where is the school'. I don't know how to say 'boarding school' and in the dream I couldn't remember how to say 'girl' or 'woman' to indicate it was a girls' school, but I could remember 'man' and tried to get him to complete my sentences to tell me what 'woman' was. Anyway he gestured in a certain direction so I just took my chances and headed off. The city fell away into countryside and I found that it was indeed the right direction, as I recognised my surroundings from when Hagrid first took me to the school. But I must have gone too far or missed a turn because I found myself flying towards a tall forest surrounding a graveyard. At its centre was a huuuuuuge huge huge statue of an angel, and for some reason I just couldn't stop myself from flying towards it. As soon as I crossed some invisible boundary, a raging gust of dusty wind suddenly blew me to the left, and it kept on blowing. It was so strong, and I couldn't even try to fly against it because of the dust. It kept blowing and blowing and eventually I approached a humongous series of stone crosses. I smashed right in the centre of the front cross and I assume I died.

My dream continued as if I had found the school. (What would have happened if I didn't have my brain dashed out by a gigantic evil weeping angel.) My classmates were in one of the rooms playing violin - all of them - and for a whole classful, they weren't half bad. It wasn't even that painful to listen to. At some point I remember returning to the castle with North and my classmates after a nocturnal school trip and we were all sleepy and entered the castle and I looked for a bedroom to kip in and then I woke up.

I gave up on Catch 22 because I just did not get it and it was such a chore to read. I did something rebellious and read the last couple of chapters though. I don't think I'm smart enough for weird satirical cynical books like that in non-chronological order. I instead started Player of Games and it's really gripping for some reason. Definitely my favourite Culture book so far. There's so much literature about dystopias which is maybe why the utopia of the Culture is weirdly refreshing. Maybe I'm romanticising it but the Culture sounds bloody awesome and I wish I was in it, as fantasical as a hedonistic post-scarcity society seems.


Eurovision 2014

Ukraine 7
Missed the first half of this because I was playing Lord of the Rings on the piano, eheh. The hamster wheel was funny, what I heard of the song sounded alright. (For Eurovision.)

Belarus 7
Cheesecake, very funny. Cute but would have been cuter in his own language. What do they speak in Belarus? Belarussian?

Azerbaijan 5
Hot dress but boring ballad. She wasn't even that good at singing.

Iceland 6
Norton got my hopes up but it wasn't as good as I hoped. Energetic and cute but not that catchy though it tried to be.

Norway 5
Another underwhelming ballad. Felt he wasn't really pronouncing things particularly clearly, like his words were muffled. Weak ending to the song melody.

Romania 4
First impression: annoying accent. Nice dueting but the song was dancey and annoying. The circular piano thing was funny.

Armenia 5
Waited for this ballad to culminate into something into something a bit more than "you naaat alooone" and then suddenly the singer got really angry and I couldn't make out what he was saying any more.

Montenegro 8
I loved the roller-skating and the floor lighting! The song was alright. When he finished singing the song didn't sound like it was finished though.

Poland 3
Finally something facepalm-inducing. That poor girl with the plunger thing was ridiculous. I hope some other country will balance out with some ridiculously sexualised stripper guy or something later in the show to balance it out.

Greece 4
Rap. Dancey. Great. My Favourite. Very try-hard.

Austria 9
I've heard rumours of a bearded woman. Is it a woman? Not sure. (I'm going to call her she for now.) She's pretty and decent at singing and the song is actually alright! I could tell the crowd seemed to love it. My favourite so far, and nothing to do with the beard.

Germany 7
Lead singer was pretty hot and I liked her clothes except the superfluous leggings. Song was meh.

Hey I thought I recognised that male actor host. He's in Borgen, which I've watched... half an episode of? It's a Danish political drama.

Sweden 8
An alright ballad. Would have been nice if her dress was floor-length or something.

France 4
Moustache... ok. That is some impressive hair. Its texture and his outfit reminds me of what's-his-face from IT Crowd. Oh the relief when he changed from Englisih to French! Oh my gawd I love the French language, it sounds so hilarious sometimes.

Russia 5
Interlocking hair, haha. Once they got harmonising it sounded nice but the song was blah though got better.. Their hair reminds me of some video game character. Samus?? Their outfits were not good at all. Skin colour, no thanks. Ridiculous slit, no.

Italy 3
Whooo, Italian! I liked the guitar in the first two seconds but it didn't get any better. The head wreath things were funny. Perilously short dress.

Slovenia 6
Great that she plays the flute but the flute was pretty odd with the song. Sadly her dress camouflaged her perfectly with her background. Just as well - the shoulder pads were ugly.

Finland 9
Surprisingly found I quite liked this. For Eurovision I'm quite impressed.

Spain 7
Disappointed when she changed from Spanish to English. Quite a powerful singer, she hit all those big notes well.

Switzerland 7
Yeah right, as if he's whistling right there. Put down those eyebrows! At least he has a violin. Impressed at his holding-violin-and-bow-with-one-hand technique.

Hungary 9
First impression: good. Good boots, pulling off that cardi rather impressively, decent melody, decent singing. Hey wasn't that girl playing the piano earlier? Oh well dance if you want.

Malta 8
Yesss harmonising. Really good first impression. Both the singers have great voices. What is that funny instrument?

Denmark 8
Sadly not as good-looking as Bruno Mars but pretty catchy. Oh, more whistling. Cheesy just as the title promised.

Netherland 10
Start makes me think of Lady Antebellum. That girl has a pretty dress. I love duets. This is a serious legit proper song and I like it. The two singers had good chemistry, I thought. Beautiful staging.

San Marino 6
Norton made me think this would be rubbish but it wasn't that bad. It was alright until she started talking, anyway.

UK 6
Never heard this before. Ugly dress and shoes. Don't appreciate the super American accent. Disappoint. Lanterns straight from Tangled!

I feel like there wasn't as many horrifically terrible entries this year. So my fave was the country Netherlands (country), but I also liked Austria (beard), Finland (boy band), Hungary (black dude). Best dressed: Azerbaijan.